Meet me, wanda.

Not too fond of many titles..

I come to you as an imperfect human living a spiritually eclectic life. I have wandered and acquired knowledge and credentials that vary different paths. One thing that I discovered during my journey is that there is truth in all paths and belief systems. One isn't better than the other and that the only malice in a practice is mankind. The things we perceive that we aren't ready too.

I come from a Taino Background and was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I arrived on the mainland when i was 6 years old but I have my traditions that were handed down to me. Both verbally, observed and in spirit.

Growing up I never quite fit in. As an adult, I have studied and satisfied my curiosities which is evident in my practice. I am unable to pick just one path so I created my own way. In order to be true to myself, I had to accept that I am different and that those that are like me will find their way into my circle.

I am a mom of 6, a grandma, a wife, a daughter, a sister and so many things. A student of life and all of it's beautiful blessings.

My practice is a mix of Shamanism, Reiki, Espiritismo, Santeria, Hoodoo and working with the sacred. YES, all of these can work together. There is good in all things and belief systems. It is up to us and our moral compasses to decide which path we will walk and the mark we will leave on this world.

My guides span multiple pantheons which I fought with internally for sometime. But, ultimately I accepted that we cannot control which guides step forward for us and I graciously welcome them as they share this journey with me.

Learning and evolving never stops. But one thing I know for sure is that I have found my purpose. I walked this earth for so long feeling empty at a soul level and then one day I found what made sense to me and remembered who I have been before and what I am here to do in this physical life.

Yemaya Moon Spiritual Church is my spiritual space and we are always welcoming in new members who are looking for a safe space where they can share, heal and learn. The Boutique is my shop where we sell books, cards, tapestries, etc as well as handmade goods. It's a metaphysical space not specific to one path.

Having many ideas and spirit guiding me I am always coming up with new classes and ceremonies.

In the summer of 2022, I spent two months studying in the Amazon jungle in Peru. My studies were focused on plant medicine shamanism, specifically Ayahuasca Curanderismo. I acquired a wealth of knowledge and healing that is beyond words and comprehension. I came back to the western world a new person and with new plant spirit guides that have changed my practice for the better.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and many blessings to you, A'ho!